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Sunset in Oia

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“Never go too long without watching a sunset.” When in Santorini, you definitely don’t go without watching this one. It is the kind of sunset writers write about. It made the entire Greece trip worth it – I just wanted to absorb everything that moment had to give. The sunsets on Santorini are world famous, and Oia and Fira are the most famous spots on the island to watch the sun go down.

Houses in Oia are built in succession one above the other directly into niches. There’s no shortage of strategically positioned cocktail bars. Nevertheless, The Castle of Oia is the most famous place for the sunset sightseeing!

Most of the buildings on the islands were made of volcanic stone mainly because they didn’t have enough wood available to build houses. The color of these stones absorbed the heat during summer. So they have painted the outside walls of their buildings white to reflect the harsh sunlight – to make it more heat resistant. And look where that got them!

It is said that the best sunset view of Santorini can be seen from the Castle. During sunset, almost every single person in Santorini goes to the end of the village to see the magnificence of this sunset that they speak of. Most of the visitors gather to the Castle area before the sunset preparing their cameras or embracing their beloved persons and gaze to the west waiting for the sun to start curving towards the sea.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a caldera hotel with pool and sunset view, the Lioyerma Lounge cafe in Oia has a pool that you can use if you buy a drink or snacks. Another great and less well-known spot to watch the sunset is the lighthouse in Akrotiri.

LikeI said , It the kind of sunset the writers writer about . The sky seems to have been painted with yellow then orange then purple and all the moments in between these conversions as it gets dark. The sun becomes a smaller and smaller where these colors meet get mixed & turn to white and the watcher is left with a mixture of emotions – awe and admiration !

Walk from Fira to Oia-

This much-talked Santorini hiking path from Fira to Oia occasionally falls in the main road street and then again enters the villages. The white washed houses with yellow lights in the night look all the more breathtaking and maybe the atmosphere is filled with a blissful din due to the Aegean Sea!

With white sugar houses, blue-domed churches and few traditional windmills, Oia is the most picturesque village in Santorini. Along the paths, hikers shall see really nice art galleries and many artists drawing portraits on the street side.

This scenic walk ends at the Castle of Oia, where you can enjoy the most romantic sunset in the world. Oia is breathtakingly beautiful in the night. The streets are such high energy. The energy and the grousing spirit of the place is something that brings up a lot of questions to a human mind while at the same time answering many – something I will always remember and be grateful for!


Vidhi 💕

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