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World-famous Red Sand Beach of Santorini

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World-famous Red Sand Beach of Santorini

A Santorini travel article published on the Mysterious Greece insider’s travel guide website says the beach’s “reddish grandeur … will capture your attention instantly. This natural monument will make you want to stay there forever.” I found these sentences to be so true. Some argue that the beach is overrated and hyped for tourism. But if you’re there you might as well check out to be sure.

It has been widely described as a “spectacular,” “one of a kind,” “unique” and “don’t-miss” destination in regular and social media alike. A great number of visitors come to Red Beach just to stare and photograph it.


The beach, located in Akrotiri village, is 12 kilometers south west of Fira, close to the important archaeological site of Akrotiri where it is advisable that you stop first and admire the excavation. There is a parking space to leave your car or, alternatively, you can take the bus from Fira.You can also reach the beach by walking a couple of minutes on a downhill path or you can access it by boat from Akrotiri port, Kamari or Perissa.

In addition to the unusual color of the sand, even for the beaches of this kind, the Red Beach is distinguished by a very special landscape and extraordinary surrounding scenery.

Charge your camera and take extra batteries – everything here is worth to be photographed! The contrast between the fiery red cliffs and turquoise water is simply stunning. In fact, the strong winds blow away the red dust from the rocks into the water. Thus, the beach is colored in red.

The water here is crystal clear, so you will enjoy not only admiring of the surrounding beauty but also swimming in the sea. You won’t find large stores or restaurants, but just a couple of mobile cafes. Due to which it was so cozy and quiet here.

Note- Red Beach is supposed to be off-limits to visitors because of the persistent rockfall danger.Red Beach is temporarily closed to the public due to landslides and rock falls. But nevertheless is an attraction to a huge number of visitors and tourists.

I would say one simply must not miss the Red Sand Beach when in Santorini! Let me know your views about this beach in the comments section below!


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