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During my short stay in Athens ( 3 days ) I tried out a lot of places I had previously researched. Some of the places I could not. But one thing is for sure that if a food tour must be done, it must be done – the gyros, the Greek salads, the yoghurt, the fresh fruit… the food is incredible all over Athens. Here’s a few of my favourite places.

Galaxy Bar- Rated among the best in the world, Galaxy Bar is located on the 13th floor of the Athens Hilton Hotel. It’s a modern cosmopolitan bar, serving many creative cocktails with a stunning view of the Acropolis to the sea of Piraeus.

Bios terrace- A very urban multi-leveled building hosting a theatre, art gallery, bar and cafe. It’s definitely a must-see if you have a spare night in Athens. The fact they serve ice-cream cocktails completely sold me, but if you’re still not won over, the view and setting just might!

Brettos- Brettos is said to be Europe’s second oldest bar and is the oldest distillery in Plaka with over 100 years of operation. Even if you stop in for an ouzo or wine, you can’t miss the colourful bottles and lights that decorate the walls.

Dinner in the sky-This place is LITERALLY what it says it is. I don’t know why hardly anyone knows of this considering it’s such an amazing experience. In the centre of Athens, a table of 22 people plus chefs, are quite literally lifted up 50 metres into the air. Just make sure to book on the website beforehand!

The Athens Gate Hotel – With the Acropolis in view , it is one of the most amazing restaurants, located in Monistaraki square it has all the delicacies one looks for in Greece.

Eleas Gi- For great service, incredible food & a beautiful view over the city. The setting is almost surreal, perfect for both lunch and dinner!

Avli bar- Avli the yard was one of our mostttt favourite places we visited there. It is a very traditional Greek restaurant located in a courtyard like space. Here you can eat and drink for 7 euro typical dishes and local wine. I am a vegetarian actually so not the best person to tell you about cuisines.

Bairaktaris- If you’re looking to try some authentic Greek gyros, look no further than Bairaktaris. It’s located in Monastiraki square, the perfect setting to grab some takeaway and sit around the benches nearby. Plus, at 1.80 euro, you can’t really go wrong.

Cinque wine and deli bar – I didn’t get a chance to visit this for myself but have heard rave reviews about it so I thought I’d share it with you all. This modest family run bar is not much to see at first, but it’s hospitality, service and food will win you over. From what I’ve heard from many travelers, the staff make you feel right at home and I mean, can you really have a bad time tasting cheese and wine? Get there early as this place becomes very popular at night!


Traditional Koulouri at Takis bakery– You can find stands selling koulouri (rings of bread sprinkled with sesame seeds) all over Athens. Apart from the plain one you can taste a variety of flavours like cheese and olives. This bakery supplies most of the stands in Athens area. You should give it a try since it’s a very healthy and tasty snack.

Falafel at Falafellas- Falafellas is a shop selling Falafel near Monastiraki square. It is very popular and very crowded, especially on Saturdays. At Falafellas they serve their falafels (made from chick peas) in 2 sizes, pocket and giant. They come with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, aubergine, tomato sauce and yoghurt sauce. The menu also includes some salads. It is worth standing in line the food is very tasty!

Food Street- A small shop centrally located near Monastiraki square serving burgers with homemade ingredients. They also serve fantastic fried potatoes accompanied with a variety of sauces, and chips and hot dogs. There are some seats available upstairs but it is mostly a takeaway.

Indian at Mirch- Near Monastiraki square, this cosy Indian restaurant serves Indian souvlaki. Chicken tikka with mixed vegetables and special sauce all wrapped in a naan bread. It is mostly for takeaway but there are some seats available on the top floor. In Mirch, you will also find a big variety of beers from all over the world.

Greek pies at Ariston- This traditional bakery serving mostly Greek pies operates since 1906 at the same place near Syntagma Square. It sells a variety of Greek pies, 120 different ones, from regions around Greece. It is famous for the cheese pie called Kourou. Make sure to try one, they make a perfect snack.

Despite the city essentially being in the middle of a dessert, the quality of fruit and vegetables are nothing like I’ve ever tasted before.If you head to Monastiraki square during dinner, it is ALIVE. Especially, the alley named Mitropoleos -you will stumble upon restaurants lined with fairy lights, white picket fences & palm trees. Truly charming.


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