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Travel Diaries Singapore Part – 3 | Universal studios – Two

by Vidhi Vira
Travel Diaries Singapore Part – 2 | Universal studios - Two

Travel Diaries Singapore Part – 2 | Universal studios – Two

Universal Studios in Singapore 🇸🇬 is a wonderful theme park with about 24 original rides, 6 rollers coasters and 2 water rides.

It has 7 themed zones, out of which the first three-

Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Far far away in the previous blog Click here…

New York based on the original New York City, features various icons commonly portrayed in movies including the city skyline, neon lights, facades, and sidewalks.

Rides in Universal Studio

1. Sesame Street spaghetti
2. Lights camera action

3. SCI-fi City

Sci-Fi City is an imagined metropolis of the future that contains many modern conveniences of life, but with little or no remnants of past inhabitants and cultures that are able to stand the course of time.

Rides in Sci-Fi City:

1- Accelerator- teacup style rides
2- Battle Star Galactica
3-Transformers- you can’t miss this! It has giant wrap-around screens and unbelievable 4D effects.

4) The lost world :

It is divided into two sub-areas: Jurassic Park and Waterworld. It has amazing rides:

1- canopy flyer- it is a suspended roller coaster
2- Jurassic park rapid adventure
3- Dino soaring- fly around the ride

5) Madagascar:

Madagascar is inspired by the hit DreamWorks Animation franchise of the same name which features four zoo animals, Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman escaping from the Central Park Zoo and unfortunately crashing onto the island of Madagascar.

Hope this was helpful! Keep travelling and tell me about your Universal experiences too!

And stay tuned in this space for more stories like these!

Lots of love! X

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