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Tips- What you need to know before visiting Greece!

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1Guide Book- Sometimes it’s nice just to have a real book in your hands when traveling.

2Adapter- Remember that Greece uses the Europlug. Make sure you find a good adapter to keep you charged.

3Bring cash-Cash is king in Greece right now. The U.S. State Department warned travelers in a security message Sunday that there could be disruption not just to ATM services but to credit-card processing. Currently, ATMs withdrawal limits are capped at 60 Euros. Carrying Euros is the safest bet, but many businesses are accepting U.S. Dollars as well. Travelers report that some hotels are asking for cash payments in advance this week.

4 Please bring a pair of runners! I can guarantee you will be doing one hike or two and even if you don’t get around to hiking, never in my life have I climbed up so many hills, stairs, etc (especially in Santorini which is a caldera), and that’s coming from someone who literally grew up at the top of a mountain in Canada. Other than runners, a sensible pair of flats, sandals and some flip flops will do you fine!

5 Avoid protest areas- For security reasons, it’s a good idea to avoid popular demonstration locations such as Syntagma Square in Athens, which is in front of the Old Royal Palace where Greek Parliament is located. “Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence,” the State Department message says. Check the U.S. Embassy website to learn about upcoming demonstrations.

6 Get travel insurance- If you aren’t already on vacation in Greece, it’s a good idea to invest in travel insurance before your trip. There are a lot of types of insurance out there, but Trip Cancellation Insurance is probably the most important one to consider if you haven’t booked yet — that way, if things escalate further and you decide you’re not comfortable traveling, you can get your money back.

7 Consider a package deal- The advantage of a package deal is that most of your costs — often including airfare, hotel stays, and even meals — are paid upfront before you even leave your home country, so there’s less of a chance that your hotel or activity guide will ask for your precious out-of-pocket cash.

8 Sync up with your embassy- It’s a good idea not only to know the location of your embassy, but to enroll with your embassy, if possible, so that they know where you are in the event of an emergency. The U.S. Department of State offers the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program for this purpose.

9 Tips for the islands exclusively :-

•It can get really hot in Santorini and the beaches are far from the hilltop villages. Invest a little bit more in your hotel by choosing accommodations with a pool. You’ll thank me later…

• Do Santorini on a budget by eating street food. The gyros are so delicious and honestly, fat kid heaven! They even put fries in them! Also, if you do eat out, order a Greek salad at every meal. The feta there is unreal! And don’t forget the wine tasting in Santorini! More about it- HERE

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