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Travel to Mykonos, Greece

by Vidhi Vira
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Travel to Mykonos, Greece

When I think of Greek islands, I think of Mykonos. And the time we had while cruising

Happy is the man who before dying has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sea. We took a blue star ferry from Athens to Mykonos.The oceans of Greece- Ah! It was an amazing mini-cruise experience. It seemed like we were in the centre of a royal blue-shaded ocean from the deck, and the insides blessed with an aroma of coffee (because of the cafes) and after a luxurious journey of 5 hours, we reached Tourhous port in Mykonos.


Language: The official language is Greek, but English is widely spoken.
Currency: The Euro is used as currency (€)
Credit Cards and Banks: Most restaurants and hotels will accept credit/debit cards. Be sure to bring plenty of cash for small purchases and public transportation.
Climate: Hot dry summers and mild winter with constant winds.
Rainy season: Rain is very scarce in Mykonos but showers can occur between Oct – April. Dry season: Mid-May through Mid-October weather is sunny and beach-worthy.

We took a cab from there and reached our hotel -Flaskos studios, an amazing combination of white blue and grey.It was easily one of the best hotels I’ve been to. The sunrise over the sea, sunset and everything in between.


For the local transport, we rented a car from a local rental named Quattro and we had no complaints. There was no driver, no plan, no tourist-guide. Just a map, us and Mykonos.



Also famous for its nightlife, Mykonos has a lot of beaches. All about Mykonos beaches HERE

1. Paradise Beach

6 kms from Mykonos Town, Paradise beach is a sandy beach popular with young crowds who come here to party the day, and night, away. It’s organised with diving and watersports and plenty of bars and clubs which spill out onto the beach in the evening. Access is by footpath, boat or bus, it has a fantastic vibe and good for swimming in the beautiful clear water. It’s also nudist friendly.

2. Little Venice / Chora

Little Venice is the most charming and the most romantic neighbourhood of Mykonos town. Numerous cafes have outdoor seating with the water lapping just below the feet of diners. It encompasses beautiful white-washed houses contrasted with glitzy mansions, with the turquoise sea on the right, marble floor, and the whitewashed cafes on the left, charming restaurants, cafés, shops and more.

And as you enter the lanes you see yourself in a checked floored maze & a variety of foodstuff from pancakes, yoghurts to the authentic Greek food.

3. Kato Mili Windmills:

You’ll see them from almost anywhere in time, and they date back to the 1600s boasting beautiful Venetian architecture. They are a quintessential feature of the landscape of Mykonos, and the three whitewashed structures stand beautifully, giving you reminiscent vibes of the times they were used.

4. Mykonos Old Town (Hora):

The old town is a maze of narrow whitewashed alleys and bright blue balconies characteristic of Cycladic towns. Every little winding cobbled street has something to impress you. Thanks to the island’s firm building rule the traditional Cycladic architectural style and character has remained intact. There are no cars in the town and the streets are lined with little shops, boutiques, art galleries, cafes, stylish bars and restaurants.

4. Armentistis Lighthouse:

While the lighthouse itself isn’t that remarkable, it’s a fun trip riding scooter. Plus, the panoramic view from the Lighthouse is absolutely stunning.

5. Ano Mera:

Ano Mera- the only other ‘town’ on Mykonos—is an approximate 5 mile / 15-minute taxi ride from Mykonos Town. Ano mera is not particularly well known to tourists as it lacks a sea view, yet I recommend it as one of the top things to see and do on Mykonos

6. Try Windsurfing:

Korfos Bay has excellent conditions for Kitesurfers. While I still haven’t tried it myself, it looks like a blast!

7. Scuba Diving:

Discover ancient Greece… underwater! Dive to ancient shipwrecks and check out the sea life at the reefs.

8. Shop Around:

There’s a lot of shopping that can be done here. Mykonos Town is lined with cute boutiques. I especially loved Anamnesia, which sells products featuring designs from local Greek artists and is the perfect place to buy gifts for friends and family.


Vidhi 💖

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