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Think About Productivity!

by Vidhi Vira
Think About Productivity!

Think about productivity! – By definition, productivity is a measure of the efficiency of a person, machine, factory, system converting inputs into useful outputs. Everybody wants it. What’s not to like? The what and the why is pretty basic and seems to have been vastly covered over the internet. Learning any system, I think is an art and science and once you get the knack of it, it is fun to practice. It can be mastered very easily. So the scope of this post is the method of how to achieve maximum efficiency in the system. And after reaching a stage of coherence with it, I hope you will manage to reach a stage where you can no more be able to distinguish between work and fun.

1. Braindump:

Sit down in a quiet place at a quiet time, calm and centred. Do what you need to be in your zone. For me music, a good bath, sleep helps. Then brainstorm all incomplete thoughts, ideas, work & wishes and just get it all out of your head. Think it out on paper, thinking of the paper as an external mind. Developing comfort with an external mind frees up your mind, gives more space for thinking and leverages your intelligence. This entire system has to be airtight for you to trust it totally. Keep everything in your head or everything out. If it’s in between you will trust neither. The mind should be left free for it to create more ideas, not store the older ones. Just write them down the way they are inside roughly.

2. Classify & Prioritize:

Confusion causes procrastination. Which could lead to binge-eating, escaping, not feeling like it, boredom, loss of motivation, etc? The more you try to avoid it, the more it insidiously does not let you avoid it. Okay, so review those brain-dumped ideas for easy access and calculations about their nature to decide further on them. Process one item at a time. Make separate lists based on their priority, importance and urgency. Basically, this must be done to get clarity on them. It’s okay to be indecisive about something, just put it in the later list and you can always come back to it.

Then Review each idea- What is it? Is it important & actionable?

If yes, based on the urgency you need to:

1. Put it in the- Next Action list. OR

2. Put it in the- Later list.

If no,

1. Throw it.OR

2. Someday if you can- Maybe list.

3) Organize:

Plan the implementation on a time and day specific basis. Based on the scope, the plan should be made on a yearly, monthly, weekly and/or daily basis. The plan should be neither too rigid nor too flexible.

4. Implement:

Build a system that not only looks good but is functional. It should not be too rigid because constant new inputs and shifting priorities tend to reconfigure our day. A functional system supportive of the dynamic nature of the priorities works best for most. Engage in the implementation and execution. Migrate from hoping to trusting it is the right choice. And just do it. The routine building, waking up early in the morning, exercising, pushing yourself, getting a similar-minded buddy along, caffeine, etc are some ways that you need to decide to keep up going. Whatever is right for you is right for you. Don’t push your self way too much or actually do it. The way you like it, and whatever floats your boat. Once you see the results, it becomes a habit. And it’s worth the try!

5. Weekly review:

To ensure that all loose strands of the past few days have been taken care of and your mind is clear, clean, complete and in the current. The more complete the system, the more you can trust it; the more the efficiency; the more the luxury of having gotten your work done. It also naturally releases endorphins, causes a positive addition to habit, boosts overall confidence and self-esteem. Initially, it could take a while- Resolve yourself to do things every day to move towards your goals without letting life, people, your limiting beliefs getting in your way initially. Once it’s imbibed, becomes a habit then the mind flows naturally shapeless like water, provided the system is airtight and precise.


If you want to avoid being very mechanical and in the box & naturally tend to be more of a dynamic nature- for you chaos is the only order. In this case, Chaos isn’t the problem; how long it takes to achieve coherence with the chaos is the real game. When the only thing on your mind is the only thing on your mind- only when you are fully present in the moment. This is it. It is called concentration, I like to call it meditation. Once the mind can see a vision and is assured enough, this moment and every moment after is in itself blissful.

Hope it resonates! 😇🙏🏻

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Mithila Patil March 4, 2018 - 1:40 pm

Its really….. Important for daily routine life…. 🤗🤗


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