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Being mindful

by Vidhi Vira
Being mindful



Being mindful – There are days when we just don’t know what we’re doing. We feel literally out of alignment. When you’re thinking and feeling together the same thing, you’re living in the moment. If you love your job ,your surroundings, your day – you do everything with joy. During days like these, silence is the best cure for me. If I just leave my brain alone to do what it does best, the answers come to me.


The essence is to walk the path of bliss. You can not rely on your intellect to walk this path. I won’t say follow your heart but the intellect is definitely the wrong answer. It looks convenient and “logical” or practical at that point but is usually not always the one that would suit you best. The intellect is too small in comparison to the total human intelligence. We think we are in control to think everything through but things still don’t always go our way. There is a bigger play happening. Intellect is just a small part of it. To move ahead in times when we are confused, not knowing what to do- we end up using our logic a little too much- it is more often that not out of impatience and a want to control based out of fear, uncertainty. Let it go- trust a little more. Let it come from a neat place. You have to give yourself as much time, silence and patience.


If these things are at place and you’re able to be at a point where you’re living your life the way you’re happy, then mindfulness is something you should look for I say. Or else it is a counterproductive practice in my opinion. Sometimes we’re out of tune, we need to be aware of our thoughts and feeling. But sometimes we just can’t. There’s too much going on and too much turmoil. A lot of these issues arise from not being able to accept things as they are up until that point in time. Not being satisfied with the present conditions. Wanting more out of everything. A mindful person does not judge. By accepting things we realise their importance. But things have to be given time. We understand that we have tagged them as good or bad according to the way we have perceived them. And they aren’t really as bad, infact most things that are in our current reality are only trying to teach us something. If only we look.

One of the things that are physical and easier to practise that help with being mindful is engaging all the senses. Practise mindful eating. Enjoy every morsel that provides you with energy. Feel the taste , engage those buds and concentrate only on the one thing that you do.


Too much planning, trying to be systematic and in complete order- is again thinking way too much- logic- impatience- fear- control. Do you see where all these stem from? Fear. Too much fear of failure, rejection and a lot of things that are beyond the scope of this post. The human mind in totality does not work that way. Like i said, only relying on the intellect, you function in order and full control and plan everything.

When you’re thinking and feeling together on the same thing you move in alignment- you are mindful. There is no control… chaos is the only order. And if you’re not used to this, you’ll begin to be surprised at how much more efficient this system is orchestrated.


Vidhi 💕

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