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Travel Diaries Singapore Part – 2 | Universal Studios – One

by Vidhi Vira

Travel Diaries Singapore Part – 2 | Universal Studios – One


Immediately on getting down here at this amazing place on the Sentosa island, I could a feel a certain different energy-The vibe here was soo good! And that entire day here was surely the most adventurous and memorable.

Universal Studios in Singapore 🇸🇬 is a wonderful theme park with about 24 original rides, 6 rollers coasters and 2 water rides.

Express pass- $30
Unlimited- $50 when I went.

What I Wore-

Slit blue long top- koovs / white t-shirt from Singapore, Light blue shorts,Shoes– Nike runner.

It has 7 themed-zones

1. Hollywood-

It is the main entrance area, it has attractions & entertainments-
  • Sesame Street show
  • Lake Hollywood spectacular
  • Mels dinnerware
  • The cruisers
  • Hollywood’s walk of fame

2. Far far away- Youll get into the Shrek’s world & his castle too.👇🏻

It offers four amazing rides-
  • Shreks 4D adventures- must not miss.
  • Enchanted Airways- It is a dragon roller coaster.
  •  Puss in boots Giant roller coaster
  • Magic potion- a cute ride for children

And do you remember the donkey in the movie, you’ll find him here too! A donkey show full of fun & cuteness.

3. Ancient Egypt

Like the name says, it is based on the adaptation of golden age of ancient Egypt.
It has two rides-
  • Revenge of the Mummy- It is an enclosed steel roller coaster dark ride. This was one of my personal favourites.
  • Treasure hunters- I didn’t go for this, it’s for young people and kids. It’s a leisure nice ride.
Carter’s curiosities, a retail outlet & Oasis spice cafe, an Egyptian themed buffeteria is a good place to chill.

Hope this resonates! 💖

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