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My birthday dress! ❤

by Vidhi Vira
My birthday dress! ❤️

My birthday dress! ❤️ – Tbh I had decided to keep my posts professional and related to helpful and informative topics. But after getting this amount of love and support in the response, I was truly overwhelmed and surprised a bit!

From the end of January I was pumped about my birthday which is on 16th Feb! Yes guys! This year I turned 21! Though I’m a child still at heart! But I know I’m no longer a girl but a woman!! I celebrated my birthday with my friends and family as usual but the best thing about it was the dinner! And Audrey Hepburn says:

I agree!

So I celebrated it in Breeze, Powai this time! I totally heart that place and in the night I wasn’t expecting to click very good pictures but I managed to snap a few really amazing ones.

I actually did not decide in particular about putting up the look. It was spontaneous! I’d bought this dress sometime in December and have been wanting to wear it ever since. I saw it during a shopping spree and it was just so simple, comfortable and looked just sleek. On trying it, I saw it looked really nice on me and I just bought it! Well, since it was my birthday and I had to add some glamour, I put on these heels from lemon&pepper which are also my current favourite. They actually seem like the main focus of the look!

To accessorise, I went with a Micheal Kors watch and decided to keep it simple for this one! I love nude shades on my lips and the one I’m wearing in this is a nude is the Colour sensational clay matte from Maybelline! For the eyes and life, wing it!

It’s my first outfit post! Hope you enjoyed it! Hope you have a great year ahead! x

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