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Be your own stylist! 😎

by Vidhi Vira
Be your own stylist! 😎

Be your own stylist! 😎

Fashion is a general term, style is a more individual term. The fashions keep changing, style of an individual remains an extension of their personality. You can be the best guide you have in every aspect of your life. The more you listen to your own self, the better results you get. There’s the catch- you’ve to educate yourself. I’ve always been someone who starts from scratch. I’ve to know everything about something I like.

To know what suits your style, you have to know you. And since what you wear should flatter and compliment your body, let’s begin with knowing our body types.

1. Rectangle- All your measurements are almost equal, not many curves & not very defined waist, straight hips and bottom, small to average bust. Do you have a rectangle body?

2. Triangle or pear/ Pettite – Narrow or sloping shoulders, hips or bottom are proportionally wider, flat tummy, well-defined waist is what defines your type.

3. Hour-glass body- You have a proportioned body, a cinched in the waist, feminine curves.

4.Inverted triangle- You have narrower hips and wider shoulders & a well-defined waist.

5. Round/ apple- You’ve more weight in the top half, not a defined waist. you have a nice cleavage and envy- attracting legs.

All body types have their own pluses and minuses. The trick is to wear clothes that flatter your type, and not get too much into the fashion tricks itself. Except to remember the most important fashion trick with you at all times- It’s called confidence.

Hope this helps!❤️

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