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My first Blog Post- Why? – Story of my life

by Vidhi Vira
My first Blog Post- Why? - Story of my life

My first Blog Post- Why? – The story of my life-! I’m Vidhi, 20, final year dental student from Mumbai. So this is my first blog post! After days of constant thinking and analysing through various successful blogs on fashion, food and various other nascent ones on daily-lifestyle things; planning for the 16th time from the 60th angle – I finally decided to just type my heart out on a regular basis. Mostly free styling my way through the moods & the raw, wild thoughts born out of them and improvising while typing them out.

I tend to absorb like a sponge the surroundings around me & study them to a curious hyper alert fault. Just places their esthetics, symmetries, the air, the people, the systems, the loopholes, etc. I personally don’t believe in these binary systems of good and bad, black and white. I think of people as these giant burning balls of desire, motivation, conditioning & emotion always learning, imbibing and expressing through their coloured glasses of perception.

When you’re constantly looking at something from 8 points of views simultaneously you tend to give in to instincts and impulses. And you have to be generous enough to the belief in your impulses else to let go of your little logic and it’s calculations of the place, time, ego, priorities & the fact that your impulses may not always be right, you might have just come up with some shit. At this moment my instinct is to just give out whatever I have and am and will be taking in through eyes, ears, nose, touch, brain or just the ideas that have bounced off of from these through my glasses of perception. I aim to cover health-mental, emotional, spiritual and physical and share my idea of a productive lifestyle. Also, storytelling my travel experiences through it all. Looking at it objectively, in this I’ll be sharing my experiences and things I learn in the niche of health, lifestyle and travel. Everybody tells me you know what you should stick to one thing instead of being a jack of all trades and all that. But I’ve always been a jack of all trades and would like a cover a variety of topics. So ,The topics I will be covering are:


2. Fitness and nutrition.

3. Fashion,makeup,beauty.

4. Organisation, productivity & headspace.

5. Lifestyle.

Genius or magic or inspiration or love are not things that are with you at all times. They drop in and drop out of your life, sometimes they come and sit with you, sometimes they sing on your shoulder for a while, some stay all along. And all you can do is create an environment that is inviting of this power, spirit or whatever divine coming from above and then expressing through you. And whether it comes to hang out with you or no, I think today is the day of the primary healing, creation and synergetic soul expansion.

Like how two people find their kindred spirits. It’s gonna be a trip for me-gorgeous and haunting. A trip to gaining clarity and perspective while at it instead of after- just like me- always operating in the dimension of while; never an end, never a beginning. I hope it’s a trip for you too. Hope it resonates! Lots of love and health ❤️

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Narendra Chaudhari March 1, 2018 - 3:50 am

Nicely written straight from heart. All the best for your future posts. God bless you!!


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