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My idea of spa-at-home! ❤

by Vidhi Vira
My idea of spa-at-home! ❤️

My idea of spa-at-home! ❤️ – The days this month are just so boring & tiring and there’s just so much to do with my final year dental exams coming up! In the middle of struggling to strike a balance between college, studies, sitar classes, going to the gym and staying sane- I’m really losing out on sleeping time. And for someone who literally needs 10 hours of sleep everyday, something had to be done! Don’t you feel like just breathing somewhere there’s just nothing you’ve to do? Well I’m totally that girl at the moment and having a lazy day all day is sucha guilty pleasure omg!

Just a pleasure better than a guilty pleasure? A hot, relaxing shower is a nice mental pick-me-up! So in the middle of life, honestly is there anything more pampering than a day at the spa. Those hours of pure pampering and ultimate indulgence are something you deserve. But in this busy schedule you’d think not! Should you not? Always going out and getting a spa may not be possible but the one at home can be made equally relaxing!

Do it yourself for you as they do it for you! And the way I did! I don’t know but it was heaven! Hydrotherapy is the best therapy!

1. Eye

You have five senses! Five funnels to please your mind. Use them all!

It’s always a special experience when you incorporate elements that are pleasing to your sense of sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Eye-pleasing esthetics please my mind. I already had fairy lights inside my bathroom and I set the mood with candles, you can also do it with using dim lights, visualising, putting good pictures around, creating a feel of nature etc.

These two are my absolute favourites and I always end up buying the white tea one when I shop! It’s also an aroma candle and the aroma sure is mesmerising!

2. Ear

How many of us are bathroom singers? I am haha! Using relaxing music, nature sounds, waterfall sounds, whale sounds are looove! Do not use sounds that have lyrics! Most of them are potential memory triggers and music works at your subconscious and might induce stress without you even realising it! And that can be counter-productive! A portable speaker should be good enough to serve the purpose.

3. Wave currents

When your hot tub already has a built-in jacuzzi, it just adds on to the experience! The currents on the way touching you like waves, literally and figuratively! It’s just somehow extremely relaxing! Maybe it massages. Using alternate hot and cold water is also a good idea used in hydrotherapy! I generally go to the limits of wanting my bath water too hot and then end up feeling like a skeleton and then keep on regulating it forever!

4. Use mineral salts!

You can also use essential oils (covered ahead) but I personally love Epsom salt baths! And have been using them for years! It’s actually a mineral salt, not the mineral Epsom but obtained from the natural springs in a place called Epsom. Chemistry says when used to enhance the bathing experience it breaks into magnesium and sulfur that enter through your skin. I personally love it and to me, it helps loosen up the muscles and stiff joints, it also improves the skin, has healing properties and plus its texture is just so amazing!

I also have been using many other salts lately like this one. You can try out whatever you like and they’re easily available anywhere online.

5. Please your tongue!

Needless to say, keep yourself hydrated your body healthy! Eat right, drink enough water, etc. Cucumber juices while bathing is good for your health! After adulting every day you totally need a hot bath and a cold beer, or coffee or maybe a fancy cocktail 😉 Heard of shower beers! Well for me, pomegranate juice tasted pretty good!

6. A sense of smell-

Never underestimate the power of scent! It can also aid in finding your partner according to ads! It actually IS a branch of natural medicine called aromatherapy! To enjoy it know what it is, find out the right kind of essential oil for you& use it. I love lavender oil!

Lavender oil is calming and earthy and aids in emotional and mental balance. Rose oil helps in relieving stress, depression and grief! Chamomile oil helps in relieving anxiety, paranoia. Vanilla oil induces tranquillity and aids in mental clarity. Cypress oil aids in dizziness.

You can just add them in your water but then you might have to keep your eyes closed and all. You can use various diffusers operating through reed, electricity or thermal.

7.Don’t forget to love your skin and hair!

Don’t we just love this part? Umm, Use products that work for you! The best method is trial and error! They’re vastly available everywhere and they’re deliciously addictive enough for people to shell out tons of bucks on them! Bath junkies would know what I’m talking about. I love bath oils. Bath oils with natural ingredients leave my skin very hydrated yummy and oh so smooth! Bath bombs , bath crystals , bath gels , shower-gels whatever floats your bathboat!

Use hot water soaked cotton towels, let your skin breathe, use fancy bathrobes! And you don’t need a reason to pamper yourself! Do you? Just DO YOU.


Vidhi 💕

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Nilesh Savla March 5, 2018 - 5:50 pm

Nice craative article. Useful tips for relaxation & distressing.

Dimple March 5, 2018 - 6:09 pm

Very well written


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